One Mindful Breath and Your Brain Cells Will Benefit!

A myriad things that we are barely aware of can trigger us and a darkened veil can suddenly descend over our joyful spirit; we feel the shift into darkness yet we don’t know what caused it.  It is in these moments of feeling the transition toward the negative that we must act to protect ourselves from allowing a dark mood to control us.

The moment our mood begins to shift, we must remind ourselves that we have the power, choice, and ability to remove the veil and step back into the light.

Breathe; it sounds so simple yet we resist it.  It takes less than ten seconds to complete one focused, deep-belly breath; why talk ourselves out of doing it?  Even just one mindful inhalation and exhalation will begin the shift back to peace and calm.

Breathe; you deserve ten seconds of peace.   Breathe again; you deserve another ten seconds!  Between each breath, say to yourself, “I deserve peace; I deserve calm.”

As you breathe mindfully, every cell of your body is rejuvenating and the cells that benefit the fastest are your brains cells controlling your moods.

Your brain prefers joy, peace, and calm so breathe–and give your brain what it desires most.


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