Meet Tedi

For over fifty years and on four continents, Tedi Ware, MEd, founder and director of Empathy Warriors, has been empowering students, their parents, and their teachers with her empathy-based training that develops social and emotional intelligence through practicing mindfulness and our inherent capacity for empathy. Tedi was a classroom teacher for over twenty years specializing in language arts and she used literature,  writing, drama and the arts as vehicles for self-reflection and self-discovery; she continues to includes all these practices in the programs she creates.tedi-may-2014

While Tedi was still a teenager, she heard Dr. Haim Ginott, author of Between Parent and Child, explain how to communicate with children. Dr. Ginott was a child psychologist and parent educator who urged parents to never deny a child’s feelings. As an educator and a parent, Tedi has dedicated her life’s work to carrying out this teaching.

Tedi believes that we all learn best and are most productive when we feel safe, valued, understood, and at peace with ourselves and our environment. She believes this becomes possible when we develop the skills necessary to identify and manage emotions effectively and use empathy to honor multiple perspectives.

In her own personal journey of improving and increasing empathy as a foundation of all her relationships and deepening her own understanding and practice of self reflection and authenticity, Tedi models her belief that regardless of age and circumstances, anyone can continue to learn and develop. We are living in a time in which frightening events of catastrophic proportions are becoming more and more frequent and even commonplace; knowing this is happening impacts everyone regardless of how near or far the crisis may be to us personally.  Now, more than ever before, we all need to learn how to effectively manage our emotions in response to these traumatic occurrences. Tedi is committed to helping.


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