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Empathy Warriors (Tedi’s first book)

Our brains are hardwired for empathy so you would expect that we would encounter it EmpathyWarriorsCoveroften in our day-to-day interactions–but we don’t!

In Empathy Warriors, her first book, educator Tedi Ware explains why giving and receiving empathy happens so infrequently and what we need to do to access and use our innate capacity for it.

In concrete, easy-to-follow ways, she explains exactly how to practice empathy, teach it to others, and make it the foundation of all relationships. Techniques like mindful breathing, creative visualizations, empathetic listening and speaking, mindful reflection, affirmations, non-dominant-hand journaling, setting and manifesting intentions, and revealing the meaning of dreams through guided drama, empower and strengthen readers as they build their own empathy-based communities that nurture and sustain all members.

Through her own story of a painful adolescence when empathy was missing from her life, Tedi lovingly accompanies her readers on their journeys of becoming happy, confident Empathy Warriors.

Click here to purchase your copy of Empathy Warriors today!


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