Empathy Warriors–Honoring the Sanctity of Emotions

Empathy Warriors’ social and emotional training programs teach participants how to access and use their innate capacity for empathy. What sets Tedi’s training programs apart from the multitude of social and emotional learning products available today is their foundation in what Tedi calls the sanctity of emotions–a term she coined and holds dear to her heart; it describes her reverence for feelings–ALL OF THEM– the pretty ones and the not-so pretty ones! 

We live in a world where many people feel they must hide their authentic feelings in order to achieve, compete, or simply survive in what may feel like a hostile or threatening  environment. Some people do not feel safe showing their emotions and expend a great deal of energy hiding what they are really feeling.  This usually results in compromised health, obsessive/compulsive behaviors including workaholism and damaged relationships.

Using various mindfulness techniques, Empathy Warriors teaches how to honor true feelings, embrace our authentic selves, and build our confidence to speak our truth in all situations with all people without fear of reprisal.  With Tedi’s support and guidance, learners hone their own empathy skills and teach it to others as they are learning.

Training of Trainers (ToT)

Tedi designs and implements ToT programs for Master Trainers (such as school directors/administrators, government education and gender officials, education advisory committee chairs, etc.) who then cascade the training to large numbers of teachers, parents,  and others.  Tedi brings a warmth and caring sensitivity into the training environment that facilitates learning, risk-taking and re-kindles the joy of learning, teaching and mastering new skills.

Tedi’s most recent ToT was used in Ethiopia to train 575 Master Trainers, who in turn, cascaded the training to middle school teachers  in 117 schools in Wolaita, a remote agricultural region of Southwestern Ethiopia. As a result, over 56,000 Ethiopian middle school students are currently benefitting from the supplemental materials and training programs Tedi designed for them on this project.

Empathy Warriors After School Clubs and Empathy Warriors Support Groups

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can start an Empathy Warriors After School Club or an Empathy Warriors Support Group–in person or online!  

An Empathy Warriors club or group, whether in person or online, is a safe and sacred space where participants can feel safe being vulnerable as they learn how to nurture and support each other in appropriate ways (ways that Tedi teaches sequentially in her book, Empathy Warriors.)

All that is required to begin, is the desire to connect with others through empathy,  authenticity, kindness and caring.   Contact Tedi directly through email and she will guide you, step by step, in getting your club or group operational.  If you like, she can be present when your online group meets and then she will continue to coach you, assist you, and support you in any way you may need so that the members of your club or group are effectively working through the exercises contained in Tedi’s book (Empathy Warriors: Self Empowerment Through Mindfulness).

As the members collectively and individually practice their skills as they work together –they are becoming Empathy Warriors in training who are learning how to self-empower and self-protect as they develop their natural tendency to practice empathy and teach it to others.  Tedi’s approach to training and learning is organic in that participants master skills by teaching them to others.

Contact Tedi [empathywarriors <at>] to schedule a free consultation on how Empathy Warriors can enhance social and emotional learning in your school or organization.


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