Why Do We Need Social and Emotional Learning?

For generations, schools worldwide have distinguished themselves by their students’ academic achievements.  As emphasis on high test scores preponderates, attention to the social and emotional development and well being of learners tends to get marginalized. The result of this phenomenon?  Worldwide, we are currently experiencing the highest incidence of teenage depression on record and teenage suicide is becoming alarmingly more common as a solution to bullying and other social issues!  As young people in every country spend more time on electronic social media, their opportunities to look directly into the eyes of their peers are shrinking and their social skills are plummeting.  Put simply; young people lack the emotional intelligence skills to identify and manage their emotions productively. Schools are failing to successfully provide the urgently needed social/emotional learning programs students require to flourish on all levels: academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

It’s not just our youth who suffer, but parents and teachers as well.  Our species tends to be living longer–but not necessarily happier or more productively.

The good news, and it’s very good news, is that everyone, regardless of age or gender, has the capacity to fully develop their emotional intelligence and become happier, more confident, more productive, and more in charge of their lives simply by experiencing a systematic social and emotional learning program!


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