According to the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL), some schools and organization are disappointed in the results of the Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program they are implementing. “While there are many reasons programs fail to be implemented well, we know the following elements must be in place: the school community must be enthusiastic about the initiative, have the confidence and skills to carry it off, and have the support and encouragement of school leadership, policies, and structures to sustain their SEL work. Adopting and sustaining a successful schoolwide SEL initiative, as with other major school change efforts, involves a series of steps and ongoing commitment.”

For schools and organizations who:
  • are uncertain how effective their SEL program is
  • want more success with the program they have already implemented
  • have not yet implemented an SEL program and want to assess receptivity to one
  • want to understand what went wrong with the program they have in place and what needs to be done to correct it,

Tedi Ware custom designs an in depth qualitative study to assess your current situation and when relevant, to reveal exactly what factors led to the lack of success or overall dissatisfaction with the functioning and results of the existing program.

Tedi designs, executes, and analyzes qualitative, individual interviews and focus groups with selected populations and individuals to evaluate the situation with accuracy and insight into deeply held attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs.  From her incisive analysis of the findings of the interviews, she collaborates with the leadership team to design strategies that make their current program more successful. For organizations and school systems without SEL, Tedi custom designs training modules that include her own empathy-based books and interactive workbooks.

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