Although Tedi Ware has provided consulting services to some of the world’s largest corporations, including British Petroleum, Sanofi (Aventis Pharma), Proctor and Gamble, and Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, as well as to prestigious educational foundations and international schools, such as Yew Chung Education Foundation (YCEF) in China, her passion is working directly with anyone who desires to learn about connection through empathy!

Tedi’s book, Empathy Warriors, was written to be used collaboratively in small groups and she is available via Skype and other online modalities to coach individuals to begin their own Empathy Warriors Support Groups and/or Empathy Warriors After School Clubs.

Organizations and schools can learn more about the three aspects of Tedi’s unique consulting services by clicking on the links below:

  1. Assessment: Tedi conducts in-depth, qualitative research to explore your organization or institution’s social and emotional learning needs and related perceptions held by staff, administration, parents, and students.
  2. Strategic Planning: After assessing your programmatic needs, Tedi works with you to create optimal strategies and training modules that meet your organization or institution’s specific requirements and are in alignment with your mission and vision.
  3.  Implementation/Management of Training Programs: Either in conjunction with the findings from Tedi’s assessment and strategic planning, or as a service unto itself, Tedi designs, implements and manages her Empathy Warriors training programs that best fit your needs.

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